Our Mission: Reduce Injuries and Fatalities

Michael D. Crews Vice President

The Florida Sheriffs Risk Management Fund (FSRMF) and the Risk Management Institute (RMI) are working diligently to provide Florida Sheriffs’ deputies and staff with consistent, relevant information and training that have a positive impact on them as they perform their daily tasks, especially during those critical decision-making moments.

Our mission is simple and concise — to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries in Sheriffs’ Offices across Florida. We welcome you to this site highlighting the hard work of the RMI team and the many initiatives we have embarked upon to support our ongoing efforts in promoting safety for your offices and members.

Mike Crews
Vice President, Risk Management Institute

What Our Members Are Saying…

Working in the field of Risk exposes an individual to many challenges. The FSRMF created the FSRMI as a mini-university and networking opportunity for the Risk Managers of the Florida Sheriff’s Risk Management Fund. The Risk Managers are the eyes, ears and voice for the FSRMF to relay important information to our staff members to help lower claims and costs. They believe in investing in us.

Reshone N. Flanders

- Risk Coordinator, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office
Through the FSRMF programs of regular safety audits and rapid feedback, and our participation in excellent Fund-sponsored, continuing-education programs, we continue to enhance and build-up our safety culture. We consider our connection with the FSRMF a vital strategic partnership for the safe future of the people of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

David B. Palmer

- Director of Human Resources, Marion County Sheriff's Office

RMI Safety Videos

To help reduce claims and to remind our members about the importance of being smart and safe in the field, we have developed a series of short video talks by Risk Management Institute Vice President Mike Crews. Each month, we post a new video that highlights an important safety tip based on RMI’s Hot Topic flier series.

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